Open Access College provides equitable access to learning in SA for learners who require an alternative provision of the full curriculum or part thereof. 

Teaching and learning at the College occurs through: 

- a blended approach of online, virtual classroom lessons in small groups 

- face to face opportunities eg workshops, excursions, camps, laboratory sessions 

- access to year level and subject specific

- custom designed support materials 

Students can access a range of support from: 

- class teachers and advisory teachers 

- counsellors and health professionals 

- targeted programs in literacy and numeracy 

- alternative programs 

Our Campuses: 

Marden Campus catering for students from reception to year 12, and adults 

Port Augusta Campus catering for reception to year 7 students who are geographically remote 

Our students are mainly living in South Australia and connected on-line from their communities, schools and homes. There are set criteria for enrolling at OAC. 

Our Language Partnership Program caters for the language learning of more than 4000 primary students from 50 plus schools. 

OAC is a registered training organisation preparing students for their vocational pathway.