Camden Haven Distance Education

Studying by distance education enables students to:

  • have direct contact with teachers by email, phone and post
  • be visited by teachers where possible
  • attend study days, seminars and excursions to provide contact with other students
  • borrow excellent resources from an extensive library.

Students can attend Camden Haven Distance Education High School as full-time students or under single course provision.

Valley View Road


Phone: 02 6556 8200 / 02 6556 8100


Postal Address

PO Box 500


Principal: Margaret Hutchinson 


Dubbo School of Distance Education

Dubbo School of Distance Education delivers individualised education programs to students from Preschool to Year 12 whose special circumstances prevent them from attending school. The school also provides curriculum delivery to students studying a subject not available at their home school. 

DSODE has a strong focus on individual programs for students who cannot attend a face-to-face school. These programs cater for a range of students including young parents, students with medical conditions, isolated students, vocationally talented students and more. 

Studying by distance is very flexible and enables students to fit their study into their existing schedules. DSODE has a strong focus on utilising technologies such as online courses, satellite, web conferencing and videoconferencing that create collaborative class groups. 

DSODE continues to provide new solutions to deliver quality education for our future generations. 

Myall Street


Phone: 02 5804 7000


Principal: Debbie Murray 


Finigan School of Distance Education

Finigan School of Distance Education is a purpose built K-12 distance education school located in Queanbeyan NSW.

The school has been specifically designed to meet the needs of distance education students and teachers. The main site includes 20 web lesson studios, a satellite lesson studio and 2 video production studios. Each teacher is equipped with a portable device which allows for the delivery of live lessons and the digital annotation of student work. Teachers also conduct field visits to provide face-to-face support for students.

Finigan SDE is an equity provision for many students. We provide quality individualised learning programs for students who meet the criteria of one or more of the distance education enrolment categories. These include geographical isolation, travelling within Australia or overseas, medical conditions that prevent attendance at a face-to-face school, vocationally talented students and students with additional learning and support needs, including those with disability and students in extraordinary circumstances. Finigan SDE also provides single course curriculum access for students attending face-to-face schools.

FSDE teachers are learning experience designers. They are committed to the provision of high quality, personalised learning experiences for every student through the innovative and flexible use of technology.

77 Agnes Avenue


Phone: 02 6210 5200


Principal: Daniel Rattigan


NSW School of Languages

NSW School of Languages is a distance education language
specialist school. NSW School of Languages is part of a network of Department of Education schools which provides education to students by distance education. Subject to satisfying certain guidelines, students in NSW secondary and central schools may enrol to study a language course not available to them at their home school. Enrolment is available to both government and non-government school students. Student learning is supported through a diverse program of written materials, telephone lessons, video conferencing, online activities and forums and email. Teachers may also visit the student’s home school and there are study days at NSW School of Languages where students enjoy the opportunity to meet with other students and staff. A teacher at the home school is appointed to support each student individually. 

The guidelines for enrolment may be viewed on the school website. Students may not enrol directly with NSW School of Languages. All applications for enrolments must be made by the home school on behalf of the student. 

35 West St


Phone: 02 9381 4800


Postal Address

Locked Bag 88


Principal: Teresa Naso


School of the Air

School of the Air is a split campus school located in both Broken Hill and Hay NSW. The Broken Hill campus caters predominately for geographically isolated students far reaching north, south and east of Broken Hill. The Hay campus services a range of students including geographically isolated students, students with significant support needs and travellers living within the Riverina region.​

Our school offers exemplary educational programs to families who meet the criteria of Distance Education. A strong focus on technologies such as satellite delivery, online learning and video conferencing are supported by comprehensive field services.

We are a NSW Department of Education Public School providing high quality individualised learning for Primary aged students, supporting progress and achievement of 21st Century skills and capabilities within the learning partnership.

Our school community is diverse and far reaching with students and families fitting a wide range of distance education enrolment contexts.

An inclusive and dynamic school community committed to "Learning Together"

Sir Eric Woodward School - Distance Education Support Unit

The Distance Education Support Unit (DESU) is a unique state-wide service catering for students with intellectual and multiple disabilities from Pre-school to Year 12. Students enrolled in SEWS DESU are isolated from accessing a local school due to a variety of reasons including; remote geographic location, medical complexities and other complex additional learning and support needs. SEWS DESU is a part of the NSW Department of Education Rural and Remote Education Network.

DESU provides innovative and flexible personalised programs for our students. These are negotiated with
parents and, where possible, students. Programs are based on ability level and needs, providing the greatest opportunity for success. Teachers at the DESU bring special education training and wide-ranging experience, along with shared expertise to the teaching of their students. They work as part of a dynamic team with students, parents, tutors and government and community agencies to address personalised learning needs. Preparing all of our students for the future is a key focus at the DESU. Transition planning enables students to move
from school to their next environment. We have an excellent range of resources and technologies available to support optimum learning maximising student potential. With support from the DESU, students can achieve a Higher School Certificate Life Skills, apply for TAFE delivered Vocational Education and Training courses, participate in work experience and access post-school programs where available.

Broken Hill Campus

Principal: Kylie Green

Lane Street


Phone: 08 8087 3565



Hay Campus

Assistant Principal: Kate Murphy

Leonard Street

HAY NSW 2711

Phone: 02 6993 1882



Principal: Sian Watkins

75 Ayres Rd


Phone: 02 9449 6003



Southern Cross School of Distance Education

Southern Cross School of Distance Education is located on two campuses at Ballina NSW; we provide secondary education for full-time, pathway and single course students. Our school offers a wide curriculum through the flexibility of distance education, we provide over 65 courses including seven languages.

With over 150 teachers and staff, Southern Cross School of Distance Education offers high quality education to the local and rural community. Our area spans from Tweed Heads in the North, Coffs Harbour in the South and west to Inverell.

We provide flexible learning for quality individualised education. Students may access course materials in many ways; with most of our courses accessed through Canvas (an online learning management system). We also engage students through Adobe Connect and phone lessons, videoconferencing, mini-school days and teacher visits.

Southern Cross School of Distance Education also has over 20 learning hubs throughout our area where students can join a small group of students, and receive support while they are completing their education.

Students need to meet specific enrolment guidelines to attend our school. To find a copy of the Enrolment procedures use the following link.

30 Chickiba Drive


Phone: 02 6686 9112


Free call: 1800 672 798

Principal: Danny Henman


Sydney Distance Education High School

Sydney Distance Education High School is a public school committed to excellence and equity in distance education. We are the largest school provider of flexible blended learning programs in NSW, serving students
from areas north of Wollongong, south of Newcastle, and west to the Blue Mountains. Close to the central business district of Sydney, we work on the land of the Traditional Custodians, the Cadigal People of Eora Country.

Students who meet specific enrolment requirements attend our school because they are not able to attend another school on a fulltime basis. We teach courses for fulltime and part program students, who include
students with medical conditions and those with additional support needs. We also teach students studying single courses which they are not able to access at their home schools. We offer 11 courses in each of Years 7 and 8, 28 courses across Years 9 and 10, and more than 40 courses for Years 11 and 12. The school's middle school program, in Years 7 to 10, provides a further 20 courses for students who need additional literacy and numeracy support.

We provide flexible blended learning opportunities for quality individualised education. Students may learn in many ways, using written materials and online technologies. We teach over the telephone, by
email and on the internet through lessons developed using online learning management systems. We engage students through web lessons, videoconferencing, study days, open days, excursions, peer support activities and teacher visits to schools and homes. In 2016, almost all Years 9 and 10 courses will be
delivered online.

Engagement with creative, challenging and blended learning opportunities is supplemented by inclusive student wellbeing programs and the school’s partnerships with communities, families and other schools. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their learning and sense of connection to their peers, their teachers and their school. Our high expectations are supported by a caring and nurturing
environment with strong commitments to sustainability and social justice.

Distance education helps build independence and self discipline. We are proud of our students who have been placed into the top 10 in the state in Higher School Certificate courses and whose work has been selected for a range of prestigious exhibitions and performances. We are equally proud of all students whose courage and commitment is reflected in their determination to do their best.

Our website is for communication, collaboration and the celebration of student achievement. It features films made by SDEHS Productions which showcase so much of the spirit and success of our school community.

We inspire students to learn and to live their dreams.

38-68 Forbes Street



Postal Address

Locked Bag 5000


Principal: Mark Piddington

Phone: 02 9383 0200