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AADES regularly hosts webinars to provide professional learning and insight into practices across all AADES jurisdictions. Information about upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars can be found via the links below.

VIC - Establishing and Developing Literacy and Numeracy Support Programs

This webinar was hosted by Narelle Sumner and Jacinta Tse, Numeracy and Literacy Learning Specialists from Virtual School Victoria. Narelle and Jacinta take you through their journey establishing an effective literacy and numeracy support program. The webinar recording is now available.

AADES Webinar - NZ – Inspiring the Future

Te Kura, in collaboration with the Tertiary Education Commission, (a Government organisation who are stewards of careers in Aotearoa NZ) runs a program called Inspiring the Future.  It has been running at Te Kura with amazing success. It may be a blueprint for running your own careers exploration event or using the available resources from the Australian version of Inspiring the Future.  

Inspiring the Future encourages students to be curious and to explore future pathways.  In these sessions students are invited to try and guess what a person does for a living.  After this they head into a breakout room for a deep dive with a person of their choosing.  The hardest decision is choosing which expert to listen to.  The same principles and processes can adapted for any context, both face to face and online.

Join Trudy Harrison from Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu in New Zealand as she takes you through a live session of Inspiring the Future.

AADES Webinar - NSW - Feedforward Feedback

Mark your calendar for the next AADES webinar hosted by Finigan School of Distance Education, NSW. The webinar will explain feedforward feedback strategies to assist students to identify their next steps with learning. The webinar will be held on Thursday 22 June at 1pm AEST. More information and the link to the webinar is in this article.

AADES Webinar Week Recordings

For those that missed our recent conference or missed out on a specific workshop, AADES is hosting a Webinar Week from 5-9 September. A webinar will be held each weekday from 5-9 September at 1.00pm AEST. Each webinar will run for 45 minutes. Click on the article for further details.

NSW - Quality Teaching & Visible Learning

AADES Webinar - Quality Teaching & Visible Learning - Thursday 26 May 1:00pm AEST

Join Finigan School of Distance Education's Deputy Principal Harvey Wilson and Head Teacher Teaching & Learning Ashlee Kellner as they share how they have implemented and adapted the evidence-based practices of Visible learning and Quality Teaching Rounds into the distance education setting.

Mindframes at a Distance - Collective Teacher Efficacy - Doug Fisher

Professor Doug Fisher presents Visible Learning Mindframes in the distance education context including Collective Teacher Efficacy and effective feedback. The recording is available until Friday 5 July 2021.

The Distance Learning Playbook Part I - Doug Fisher

AADES is proud to present a 90 minute webinar by Professor Doug Fisher free for all AADES member schools. Doug has recently co-authored The Distance Learning Playbook (Corwin) with John Hattie and Nancy Frey. The book details the latest research on effective teaching and learning in the online learning context.

The webinar will cover

• Teacher credibility and teacher clarity in distance learning.

• The design of engaging teaching and learning experiences useful in distance learning.

How to Engage and Authentic Audience

Dubbo School of Distance Education were winners of the NSW T4L (Technology for Learning) Award in 2019 for: “Leader in developing digital collaborative communities”.

We would like to present some of our collaborative teaching and learning that has stemmed from our knowledge of adjusting Project-based Learning (PBL) in an online environment, in a webinar “How to Engage an Authentic Audience”.

We will take you through our 8 STEPs of engaging a quality authentic audience in your projects that ensures quality learning experiences for your students.

TAS - Webinar: Improving the health and wellbeing of students at Tasmanian eSchool; a whole school approach

Date: Friday 18 September 1pm AEST

Webinar Guest Link: https://au.bbcollab.com/guest/acbf08af8f2e4a5ba5c315f54e217276

Teaching the Digital Technologies Curriculum Online through Worked Examples

Georgia Gouros, a teacher at the Virtual School Victoria will demonstrate how to scaffold learning through worked examples to support skill acquisition and reduce a learner’s cognitive load.

Social and Emotional Learning in a Distance Education Setting

This webinar will cover the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and how KSA and Alice Springs School of the Air (ASSOA) will be implementing a SEL curriculum for Primary students in 2020.

Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Time: 12.30 Australian Central Standard Time

Web conferencing link: https://zoom.us/j/9528139182

Meeting IS 952 813 9182

NZ - Bringing Our Real Teaching Selves Online

24 October 2019 - Te Kura teachers coming from face-to-face environments often grieve for aspects of their professional self they feel they only know how to express in a face-to-face teaching environment. When tasked with supporting teachers in using a wider range of online teaching tools, my starting point was asking teachers which part of their face-to-face teaching selves they missed the most. We then proceeded to find ways to use digital tools to bring these teaching selves online. Selected examples of practice will be shared and workshop participants will be invited to share or brainstorm ways of bringing their best teaching selves online.

NZ - Te Kura online learning for early childhood, primary and secondary education

Te Kura NZ’s online learning for early childhood, primary and secondary education

Get an insight into how Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (Te Kura), New Zealand’s state distance education provider, delivers online learning for early childhood, primary and secondary education. Participants will get insight into the school’s online learning environment; how learners and supervisors interact with learning content; and how teachers manage the environment. Presented by members of Te Kura’s curriculum and online team www.tekura.school.nz

Rubrics the KSA Way

Join Sarah Dohl and Nick Lovering for the story of how Katherine School of the Air integrated rubrics into their whole school approach to student feedback.  In this session, they will share:

-         how rubrics are used for student learning

-         what students are saying about rubrics

-         how using rubrics has impacted on interactionsbetween student, home tutor and teacher

Presentation and Voice Techniques to Improve Communication and Engagement During Web Lessons

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) has been supporting NSW distance education school teachers through the provision of a range of professional learning opportunities.

AFTRS has been training teachers in the use of voice techniques to help teachers make their web lessons more engaging for students.

In this session Pip Jokhan and James Dickman of Sydney Distance Education High School demonstrated a number of these engagement techniques.

TAS - Formative assessment strategies in digital environments

How do we effectively make use of formative assessment strategies in digital environments? Recent investigation undertaken by Tasmanian education leaders in the US working with Dylan Wiliam, Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis and the Florida Virtual School suggests that there ought be no difference in pedagogy in face to face and online environments – but that technology provides us with affordances that make transformative pedagogies – such as formative assessment – more powerful, achievable and accessible, at distance and at scale when we utilise technology well. We will look at these learnings and then focus on how we are implementing transformative formative assessment practices in Tasmania through our new Canvas Learning Management System.

QLD - Literacy is Everyone's Business

Capricornia School of Distance Education

A whole school literacy approach to upskilling staff and Home Tutors (P-12). Aligning with our school priority, ‘How do we successfully lift student’s literacy capabilities to meet or exceed year level expectations?’

Mapping the AITSL Standards to the Real Work of Distance Educators - School of Isolated and Distance Education Western Australia

How do distance education teachers meet the AITSL standards? SIDE’s Online Teaching and Learning capabilities have been mapped against the AITSL standards to provide a comprehensive overview of what we do as educators working in multifaceted technological education environments. SIDE has produced an interactive online map which demonstrates how distance education teachers working in complex online teaching contexts can meet and demonstrate the AITSL standards.

Capricornia School of DE - The Alternative Learning Space – A holistic approach to doing school differently

Capricornia School of Distance Education adopts a holistic approach to the educational requirements of students within the Alternative Learning Space, taking the multiple issues into account when developing the individual educational program for each student. The school and the locations of the sites currently utilise a Guidance Officer daily for mental health, social and emotional support as well as career counselling. In addition to the support of the Guidance Officer, the Alternative Learning Space team liaises frequently with other youth support services in the area to provide the complex case management required for the success of these students. Open this article for further details about this webinar.

Tasmanian eSchool: Primary Team, How We Teach

In this Webinar we share how the Tasmanian eSchool primary teachers work together to deliver a dynamic blended learning curriculum. The students program incorporates daily online group live lessons, paper-based units and activity days.

The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us

This Webinar, ‘The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us’, looked closely at the current climate of change in education. Using longitudinal research on employee motivation, the webinar examined three factors identified by the research in relation to the context of schools, teachers and leaders. Participants were invited to discuss their own experiences and observations around staff morale and motivation and consider potential obstacles in their practices and possible ways to overcome them.

NTSDE’s Online Learning Program for Senior Secondary Students

This presentation focused on the development of NTSDE’s Online Learning Program for Senior Secondary Students. The webinar covered current processes being undertaken by staff to develop a coherent learning program for students that utilises integrated learning technologies, a whole school LMS template and Visible Learning pedagogy.

Instructional Videos Instructional Videos for Year 12 Mathematics using CAS Technology

Neale Woods of the Distance Education Centre Victoria demonstrates a series of parallel Computer Algebra System (CAS) instructional videos, screen captures and document downloads he has created using the TI-Nspire CAS, Casio Classpad and Mathematica technologies. Neale also demonstrates the techniques he uses in structuring and creating the videos.