Capricornia School of DE - The Alternative Learning Space – A holistic approach to doing school differently

The next AADES webinar will be on 18th October at 1pm EST.


It will be run by Lauren Smith the Head of Department of the AADES project award winning Alternative Learning Space (ALS).

Capricornia School of Distance Education adopts a holistic approach to the educational requirements of students within the Alternative Learning Space, taking the multiple issues into account when developing the individual educational program for each student. The school and the locations of the sites currently utilise a Guidance Officer daily for mental health, social and emotional support as well as career counselling. In addition to the support of the Guidance Officer, the Alternative Learning Space team liaises frequently with other youth support services in the area to provide the complex case management required for the success of these students.


Session info:

The aim of ALS is to assist disengaged youth to overcome challenges and assist them to reengage in making positive choices to become contributing members of society.


Session will unpack:

·         The context

·         Community Partnerships

·         Programs used

·         How ALS runs

·         Target students

·         Student engagement strategies and data


The following link will allow access to the session via Blackboard Collaborate.