The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us

The challenge of maintaining motivated teachers and staff morale is often a difficult one faced by school leaders on a daily basis. However, within a climate of immense change and reform in education, how leaders meet this challenge can become a critical success factor for their schools.


This Webinar, ‘The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us’, looked closely at the current climate of change in education. Using research on employee motivation, the webinar examined three factors identified by the research in relation to the context of schools, teachers and leaders. Participants were invited to discuss their own experiences and observations around staff morale and motivation and consider potential obstacles in their practices and possible ways to overcome them.


Marie-Anne Petelo presented this webinar from SDEHS. Marie-Anne has worked in education for over 25 years. She is an experienced social science high school teacher, lecturer, trainer, school-community project manager and consultant, author, artist and former business owner. As a classroom teacher, she instigated an award winning educational program for disengaged boys that became a statewide initiative in NSW. She has worked across public and independent schools and community agencies managing projects and customising training needs. She has an interest in change management and empowering people to achieve their potential.

You can access a recording of the webinar via the link below.

‘The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us’ Webinar