AADES Professional Learning Grant Applications

AADES Professional Learning Grants

(non-conference years)



Available to all AADES Member schools, the purpose of these grants is to facilitate ongoing collaborative professional learning opportunities in non-conference years.


The grants are intended to facilitate the connection of AADES member schools for the purposes of:

a. Investigating and observing DE teacher practice e.g. open school visits – 2 day immersion programs/study tour/scholarships.

b. Attendance at or presenting at relevant Professional Learning Conferences. (NB: These events must have a direct link to the strategic plans of AADES and the applicant’s school).



1. Applications are to be initiated by the school and completed AADES Grant application form must be endorsement by the Principal of each participating school.

2. Commitment to the provision of in-kind support to Professional Learning Activity by each school is to be indicated on grant application form. E.g. funding towards additional participants, or travel and accommodation costs or relief teacher expenditure etc.

3. Agreement to provide Web content re the Professional Learning Activity following the event for publishing on AADES Website.


General Information:


1. Grants are available on a semester by semester application process. Applications are restricted to one successful application per school per calendar year.

2. The start and end date for the activity must be clearly identified on the application form.

3. Grants up to $2000 per application will be considered.

4. Maximum amount of AADES Funds available per year is $20,000 ($10,000per semester to be indicative amount).

5. AADES Executive Innovation Grants Subcommittee* will consider applications and notify applicants of the outcome of their application within a month of receiving the application.


*The Grant Subcommittee members (consisting of 3 members) will be nominated at the AADES face to face meeting in non-conference years.

Application Form

Download the Application Form here