AADES Webinar - Creating Connection Online - Recording

AADES recently hosted a webinar by communications expert, Arabella Macpherson on how to make authentic connections with our students using technology. How can we reach through the screen and humanise the experience to support learning?

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Creating Connection Online

In the past when training TV presenters, we used to ask them to increase their energy tenfold and speak with enthusiasm and excitement. A decade and a half later, the training has changed. Your audience wants and needs something different. Authenticity is the new buzz word for the online content creators. But what does that mean? How do you ‘be authentic’? And where are the boundaries as a teacher?

In this practical webinar, we discussed what is required of the modern distance educator. The goal, as always, is to engage the students so they have the best learning experience possible. It’s a complicated arena, so let us spend some time supporting each other, sharing what works and what doesn’t so that you have new tools to make your live lessons as personable as possible.

Content covered:

• The young learner’s needs and desires

• Psychology’s take on building rapport and bonding

• Authenticity in practice

Arabella Macpherson

My name is Arabella and I have been training, coaching and consulting in communication skills for over 16 years. I am constantly focused on emerging research and turning it into practical techniques others can use immediately. In 2019, I co-wrote the communication section of Macquarie Uni’s Global Online MBA with over 66,000 participants and an average rating of 4.8/5. Creating training programs that are engaging and get real behavioural change are my thing. I also love walking my dog and quick beach dips in the middle of a video-meeting packed day!

Arabella Macpherson