AADES Webinar Week - Recordings now available

The recordings from the recent AADES Webinar Week are now available below.

Trauma Informed School Practice - SA

Vincent Paul & Ruby Easthope-Swan

This workshop explores how schools can move  towards trauma-informed education, using Open Access College as a case-study.  We will investigate how our College is changing the way it works to promote  resilient and healthy educators and learners with the goal of improving  learning and wellbeing outcomes for all.

Link to Webinar Recording
Webinar Resource - Trauma Sensitive School Checklist
Webinar Resource - National Trauma Awareness Guidelines
Webinar Resource - The Missouri Model for Trauma Informed Schools

Design for eLearning - NSW

Vickie Krikowa

As we continue to use digital technology to  deliver learning solutions in distance education, we must consider what works  best in eLearning.   This workshop will  provide you with evidence-based principals on instructional design to help  shape your decisions when planning the design and development of your  eLearning courses so that students have an effective learning  experience.  You will be provided with  examples of methods that support cognitive processes essential for learning  and how we can best use media elements, such as text, audio, and visuals, to  communicate content and help learners acquire relevant knowledge and  skills.  

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How does the English Victorian High Ability  Program (VHAP)program create virtual classrooms taught by a virtual team of  teachers which extend and engage gifted students? - VIC

Bronwen, Claire and Marissa

The Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP)  provides high-ability English students in Years 5 to 8 at Victorian  government schools the opportunity to participate in a term long online  extension and enrichment program. The course is designed to be - and always  has been - taught online (via webex and a moodle-based Learning Management  System) in order to meet our goal of reaching students in metropolitan,  regional and rural areas. Our interactive workshop will focus on sharing  insights and strategies for engaging and getting the most out of our students  in an online environment, including the use of graphic organisers and  specific questioning techniques. We will also explore the formulation of a  cohesive team of teachers.

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Virtual field trips: mapping student learning to  places and spaces - TAS

Rowan Richardson

Describe and explain the strengths of using  interactive Virtual Field Trips (iVFTs) in learning about places and spaces,  and apply a range of digital tools and strategies to create an iVFT  

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Improving Students' engagement,  through High Intensity Teaching of Literacy (HIT LIT) - QLD

Jo Hutt & Anna Clough

‘HIT LIT’ (High Intensity Teaching of Literacy)  is innovative pedagogy that promotes collaborative learning, peer to peer  learning, and mixed modes of communication while explicitly teaching literacy  capabilities. It involves a fifteen-minute session of high intensity  teaching, delivered to students, in the first teaching Period of each day.  The explicit teaching of literacy is crucial for all students to be able to  completely comprehend and apply their knowledge and understanding. ‘HIT LIT’  delivers this.

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