Coming full circle

A former VSV student, Talia, has come full circle after recently joining the teaching team at VSV.

An English Teacher in VSV’s Victorian High-Ability Program, Talia said that when she saw the opportunity advertised it felt like “it was meant to be.”

‘I have great memories from when I studied remotely at primary school. It was wonderful having time as a family and the flexibility to apply what I learnt in the classroom outside the classroom. Outdoor science experiments, imagination, making things on the farm and getting dirty were all part of this unique educational experience.

‘Remote learning made me more independent. It encouraged me to search for answers by myself and stimulated different avenues of enquiry and investigation. I knew that a teacher was always there for me if I couldn’t find the answer.

Inspired by a number of teachers throughout her life, Talia decided to study teaching. Most recently she taught at a private girls’ school.

Talia said that working at VSV has helped her discover different ways of teaching that have strengthened and broadened her professional skills.

‘Engaging the students is critical. I’m always finding new ways to make my classes dynamic and interesting for students.
‘It has been very interesting to see how VSV teachers engage with students; it is highly collaborative. This quality – a VSV value – is also apparent among staff too.

‘It is a testament to the school’s culture that staff are encouraged to discuss ideas and listen deeply.’

With many schools throughout the world embracing virtual learning during the pandemic, Talia noted the value in gaining teaching experience at VSV.