NZ - Te Kura student artwork on permanent display at Mātauranga House

The artistry of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (Te Kura) students is now on permanent display in the Ministry of Education’s national office at Mātauranga House.

A total of 27 pieces by past and present students were chosen by the Ministry. The works represent the range of ages and learners of our learners.

The student artwork is displayed over several floors of Mātauranga House on 33 Bowen Street in Wellington, providing a splash of colour and creativity for Ministry staff and visitors. The work is high quality digital photos of the original work, framed and block mounted.

The Ministry of Education approached Te Kura about the idea, with the school’s diverse range of creative students a big drawcard. The selected works were curated by our Senior Arts Teacher Andrea Selwood with support from staff across Te Kura.

“The idea came from wanting to have art from children in our national office – we contacted Te Kura because we knew that they could provide some amazing art from students of all ages,” says Iona Holsted, Secretary for Education.

“I think the art has added something really important to Mātauranga House. It’s a visible reminder of the children and young people who we come in to work for every day” says Iona.

Te Kura student and aspiring videographer Brandee-Lea Hakaraia has captured the displayed work in a video. The video was part of a learning project combining Visual Art, English and Digital Technology.

“The main idea I had for the making of this video was a vibrant and entrancing virtual tour,” says Brandee-Lea. “I was given the biggest opportunity I've ever had to let my creativity and passion for videography run wild.”

Brandee-Lea’s teacher Jo Corlett says Brandee-Lea received mentoring and support from Te Kura Team Leader Multimedia Spencer Jonathan and Arts Curriculum Leader Jan Bolton.

“Brandee-Lea has gone beyond the original brief to add personal touches and create a very polished package of student artwork to give it some special recognition and acknowledge the prestige of being selected for display at Mātauranga House,” says Jo.

The video is accompanied by original music from another Te Kura student Bayley Milne – who records music under the name Nasturtia.