Queensland - Student Wellbeing at BrisbaneSDE

At the start of 2017, BrisbaneSDE commenced implementation of a whole school student wellbeing program. Each day in period one classes, ten minutes is devoted to student wellbeing and each week sees in a new theme that is focused on the research-based developmental assets that are necessary to ensure our students are socially and emotionally well-adjusted and successful in all that they do.

The Developmental Assets are 40 research-based, positive qualities that influence young peoples’ development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults. A different lesson is written for everyday of the week focusing on the particular theme for that week. The lessons include quotes for the day, an aspect of the developmental asset that is being prioritised and sometimes a video, an activity or both.

As part of our continual school improvement, we surveyed staff for their feedback towards the end of Term 1. We listened to staff and made some adjustments for Term 2. We will again survey staff this term to ensure our implementation is even more successful. This term, we will also be asking students and parents for their feedback to capture qualitative and quantitative data for further improvement. Our student wellbeing program is an evolving program with the ultimate goal of having wellbeing embedding into every lesson of everyday.

At BrisbaneSDE we are committed to each student succeeding. Increased student wellbeing positively affects student academic achievement, so our whole school student wellbeing program is a fundamental part of our school improvement agenda.