SA - Alternative Programs Sciworld Come In Day

On Tuesday 26th September, the PLP group had a come-in day that had two focuses. The first half of the day was a demonstration then workshop of chemical sciences that was fascinating. We learnt about chemical reactions, dry ice and watched some really interesting experiments. The students then had a chance to carry out their own experiments with students learning about the properties of fats in milk, making slime, investigated hand warmers, tested the PH of liquids and conducted an endothermic reaction.

After lunch students gathered to do activities designed to let them interact with each other and many new friendships were formed.

These activities included building a tower with marshmallows and toothpicks, making patterns out of tessellating shapes, creating a xylophone out of glasses, water and a spoon, having some challenges set on a computer and using virtual reality goggles. The students worked really well together in these tasks, helping each other out and really enjoying themselves.

Here are two students accounts from the day:

From Harley:

In week 10 of last term we had a Science Come in Day with awesome demonstrations of liquid nitrogen experiments from the Sci world team.  The best one was when they mixed liquid nitrogen and detergent that then exploded into big fountains of steamy foam!

After lunch we went into Studio 1 and tried some other fun activities like building marshmallow and tooth pick towers, wooden pattern puzzles and a cool water xylophone! We took turns at the Drone simulator and the virtual reality glasses. This was the best part of the day because it was like being in your own video game! When you are wearing the virtual reality glasses it feels like you could reach out and touch anything in front of you. I played a game called “The Lab” which was a laboratory backdrop where you could play a number of archery, shooting and puzzle type games. It was a very interesting and fun day.

From David:

My name is David and I am in Sarah's Class.

Recently I went to a Come In Dday at the Open Access College, and it was about science. We learned what water under 300 degrees would do if a lady poured it into a empty milo jar and other things.

I'll tell you what the different areas are for part two of the science.

1. Making slime. 

2. Putting a bit of milk into a small plastic bowl and putting four drops of any colour into the bowl and then ad some dish washing soap in to the bowl and see what happens.

3. Something to do with iron particles. 

and when we finished the science bit, we used a VR headset and there were a bunch of different games.

Sarah Saliba Teacher