SA - Open Access College students visit campus to expand art skills

SA distance education school Open Access College hosts regular ‘Come in Days’ throughout the year to give students the opportunity to mix with their teachers and fellow students.

These days are very popular with students who enjoy the opportunity to connect face-to-face and participate in fun, educational activities.

The most recent event involved Stage 1 and 2 Visual Art and Creative Arts students visiting OAC for 'Art Come in Day'.  

Students spent the morning experimenting with a range of mediums and learning techniques including transferring magazine pages to wood with gel medium, creating texture with modelling paste, painting with fine line pens and using ink to paint contour drawings.

The students embraced each exercise with great enthusiasm and some very impressive works of art were created.

Distance Education Opens Up Possibilities    

Distance education provides a unique way for students to pursue areas of interest and passion that wouldn't otherwise be possible. This is true for one of the attending students Jay, who was kind enough to share his experience of studying online.

I came to enrol at the OAC due to a clash with my other face-to-face lessons at school. I had been planning to study visual arts in stage 1 for a few years - OAC enabled me to do so. I find that studying via WebEx can be challenging at times as it was something completely new to me and I didn't get that face-to-face communication with my teacher however this was made up for with easy communication and a supportive attitude.

Working online has also enabled me to attend class at time where I usually would not have, such as when I am unwell. I think that meeting new people and learning from that will benefit my overall confidence and willingness to communicate. - Jay

Students travelled from as far as Kangaroo Island to attend Art Come in Day. They were able to meet one another, their teachers and create valuable contributions to their SACE Folio tasks. All in all, a fantastic day!

Ashley Hart
Art Teacher