SA - Wellbeing Week at Open Access College

For four days in September, from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th, Marden Campus was transformed for the first time into “Wellbeing Central.”

The week featured an amazing range of activities for students and families. There are too many to mention individually, but they ranged from the delicate sights, scents and sounds of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, to designing and painting a mural celebrating the great diversity of the members of our OAC community, planning for an indigenous garden - including students painting a unique paver to feature in the garden, Art activities, Lego and Robotics, and a Wellbeing Expo in The Hall, with many Wellbeing Services attending… And of course, special guests Charlie and Eddy, the Golden Retriever therapy dogs. (Their fees were most reasonable – just a bag of Liver Treats each...)

Wellbeing has many aspects, but approaching each day positively, and trying out a new activity, are two. There are certainly OAC students who would not have expected – when they enrolled – that they would learn how to create a Lava Lamp! The week was a very successful team effort by the Student Wellbeing Team, teachers who designed and led the various activities, and our SSO Team. We hope that Wellbeing Week will become a valuable addition to OAC’s calendar each year. Thank you to all who attended and all those involved in the organisation.

And one highlight of the week? Many people have commented on how positive it was to see the young people who attended making links and forging friendships with other OAC students, parents linking with other parents, and students and parents meeting teachers.

And what did the author of this piece learn? Surprisingly, “Silent Discos” aren’t really “silent” at all. Particularly when – like our Wellbeing Week Silent Disco – one is held in a Library…

- Darren Jones, Student Wellbeing Leader

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