TAS - Let's Dance - Years 7-8 HPE

2021 is the first year the Tasmanian eSchool has taught Dance as part of our year 7-8 HPE classes.

HPE teachers Emily and Nicky

The subject of Dance has recently been added to the Australian Curriculum for secondary school students.

The course covered physical and theoretical components throughout Term 3. Students were given the opportunity to participate in weekly choreographed dances from home as well as evaluate how they and others from different cultures, times and places communicate meaning and intent through dance.

Teachers Emily and Nicky found every student embraced the challenge of studying dance from home in their own way – a lot of laughs were had by students and teachers alike.

Students studied the Bangarra Dance Theatre and looked at how instrumental they were in creating the bridge between traditional Aboriginal dances and modern Aboriginal dances.

Salsa, Irish dancing, hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary dance was also covered throughout the unit.

Whist this is more challenging in an online environment, everyone enjoyed the experience.

eSchool students dancing at home
eSchool students dance at home