TAS - Tasmanian eSchool introduces Digital Technologies and Languages

At Tasmanian eSchool this year, all students from Prep to Year 8 are studying Digital Technologies and German. Our teachers collaborated to find ways to make the learning transferable and fun!

In Years 7 & 8 Digital Technologies students were asked to make an animation which included their name. The task required them to add a background and make the letters of their name do some interesting things when clicked on by the user.

Taleigha produced a great animation which played some music when you pressed on the green flag.

The letters also started turning 15 degrees when you clicked on each one and they also changed colour. The letters also grew in size! Once you have clicked on each letter the background changes. This was a very creative use of technology by Taleigha.

Imagine a World

In this task students were asked to create a little story where the character moves around and speaks using speech bubbles.

Ava’s animation included two characters who introduce themselves. Ava also included a recording of her own voice reading what the characters said.

Wade created two animations about a penguin who talks about the weather at two different locations.

To build on these animation skills, students then had a chance to combine their learning from both Digital Technologies and German to complete a cartoon. The students were given a task to create a cartoon in which the characters greet each other, ask each other’s name, mobile number, how they are and where they live.

Well done to Grace who created this very colourful greeting between two characters in German.