This semester the young performers of School of Rock have enrolled with Virtual School Victoria as they go on tour. We were lucky enough to have the School Of Rock kids come in to meet their teachers and get started on their school work before they left. Parents and students alike were so excited and maybe just a little nervous about the prospect of going to China to perform and study!

They are now in China where things are a little different. Access to the internet is a tad tricky. Some of the kids have 8 shows a week as well as their studies! During rehearsals they are often studying back stage, so it’s all pretty hectic. The stage is a bit different to what they have performed on before, it has the effect of putting the audience much further away which can impact on the actor-audience relationship. There are also screens interpreting the English spoken performance into Chinese text. The kids are taking it all in their stride as they are consummate professionals!

It was so great to meet the kids! Break a leg!!