WA - SIDE - The PLACE Project

The School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) is located in central Perth in Western Australia, but our students, teachers and community live and work in many different places, and we all connect through our learning process at SIDE. In 2018, as part of our centenary celebrations, we investigated this connection through The PLACE Project.

The PLACE Project is about the spirit of belonging in an online learning environment. Item braces mutual respect for personal uniqueness, creativity and difference and celebrates connection.

Artist in Residence, Stephen Peacock, worked with a group of Year 10 and 12 students to visually represent a 'Sense of Place' using print making techniques.

SIDE students and staff were invited to contribute to the project using any medium to represent the place in which they connect with their learning at SIDE.

Each square reflects one of the many different locations, modes and viewpoints that SIDE students and teachers work with. Collectively, they reflect SIDE's unique PLACE in the education of WA's young people.

To view the full collection of squares use the following link